goldRush Rally 2010 (gR 2KX)

Today I was invited to attend the Las Vegas leg of the goldRush Rally.  The event filled with the most exotic supercars one can imagine:

Ferrari, Lamborghini, RollsRoyce, Bentley; if you can name it, chances are it was there.

This extremely exclusive rally takes place over the course of 5 days and is a whirlwind of nightlife parties, celebrities, DJ’s, and VIP participants. GR2KX starts in Seattle and continues its way through Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and finishes in Las Vegas. Special thanks to Read On…

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Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce (Bianco Canopus)

The SuperVeloce will be the last Murciélago that will ever be built.  However, you can rest assured that this one won’t be going quietly because from nearly every angle this last hurrah looks downright evil. If you thought the “standard” LP640 visuals were a slap to the senses, then the SuperVeloce is chuck-norris-round-house-kick to the solar plexus. Just look at the extra apendages the mad scientists at Lamborghini decided to stick on–

The matte carbon fiber front splitter juts out like mandibles of a mutant insect; and those lower side scoops are large enough to suck in unwary house pets.

Priced at half a million dollars, this outlandish hypercar will launch you to 60 mph in just 2.8sec and on to escape velocity at a staggering 212 mph.   Surprisingly it doesn’t even come with a radio. Absurd? Just slightly. But then again very few sounds can rival the V12 concerto that plays just inches behind your head.

So without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce you to the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce in stunning satin Bianco Canopus white.












Content is the property of Lamborghini Las Vegas and  ©2010 SHIRAKIPHOTO, All Rights Reserved.

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welcome to my blog

I couldn’t be happier to finally have my blog up and running. I’ve had a number of requests to create a ‘real blog’ so that people would be able to leave comments or subscribe to the RSS feeds.  So in an attempt to accomplish this, I set off to create a blog using wordpress and quickly found I was way over my head. Read On…

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