Joli Robinson Hawaii 2011

Where: North Shore, Oahu (Kaena Point)

Model: Joli Robinson

About the shot: I was showing Joli around the island and we decided to stop to take a quick snap shot in the lotus pose.

How: We saw this beautiful really wide yet shallow tiered area (~2-5 inches deep) with an abrupt cut off going directly into the ocean so it almost looks like shes floating on water.  I was by myself so I just used natural lighting for this shot. Its important to have the sun positioned directly in front of the models face so that there won’t be any distracting shadows cast across her face. Shes one of the most photogenic models I’ve ever shot and makes my job as a photographer really easy.

Post processing: Wanted to keep it really simple so I just did minor adjustment layers (curves, contrast, selective colors)

Gear: Nikon D300S + Nikon 17-55mm


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